Maybe starting a blog will get my novel written…!

So here we are again. A few years ago I made a brief but interesting foray into blogging about my writing. I was doing my creative writing dissertation at the time, and the amount of research I had to do involved some rather fun field trips to beautiful libraries.

It was also meant to keep me writing even on bad days to hold myself accountable for my total lack of productivity.

I think it lasted a month.

BUT! Now I am back and have learnt a lot since then. I have had the glorious experience of two Arvon courses where I have learnt so so much about writing and met some glorious people (and figured out why my plot wasn’t working!). Arvon has given me a bit of a new resolve, really, to get on with the first draft just so I can get to that glorious place I have only visited once – after NaNo – where you sit and write “THE END” in big letters at the end of a draft.

Unfortunately I keep procrastinating or getting stuck or try to talk my subconscious out of being right. (The benefit of Arvon is that you have wonderful tutors telling you that your subconscious was right all along and, well, it was. It always is.) So hopefully sporadically discussing my writing exploits will keep my head out of the sand so I don’t get too bogged down in my own work, and offer both me and everyone else a little bit of writer-thoughts from another perspective.

I’d also like your thoughts on writing and the writing process! The more the merrier. I know that I find myself much improved from having spent large amounts of time in fellow writers’ company (again, another reason why you should ALL go on an Arvon course if you can!).

And so onwards I go, towards the perils of the first draft, holding on to the hope that even professionals must find it difficult sometimes:

pness wisdom



K x

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