Preparing for Camp NaNo…

Image result for camp nanowrimoSo I have very foolishly decided to take on Camp NaNoWriMo in a month that is hardly empty as it is. But I need to get my WIP written, and it needs to get done FAST.

July might be crazy busy but I know I’ll have some respite at the end to power through those words, so here goes my (insanely ridiculous) challenge to myself: I need to write 20,000 words in July. That’ll bring my wordcount total to around the 60K mark which should make it easy to then write another 20K in August and have it FINISHED by the end of the summer.

(I can actually feel the excitement as I type this. I think it might be covering up the feeling of quivering fear underneath…)

But as with all best laid plans, it would help if I start looking at my WIP and identify the plot holes. So I’ve got my trusty postcards and coloured pens, and it’s time to go forth and PLOT this beast. It’s a strategy I’ve used before, so I’m hoping this helps scaffold up this first draft that appears to be growing manically in all directions.

In five days. Gulp.

The thing about NaNo is it’s so much better when you have people to write with. I can’t wait for writing sprints, write-ins, and all the rest that comes with it.

Are you joining with Camp NaNoWriMo this July? Or are you up for some writing sprints to get that wordcount up? Let me know in the comments!

Katherine x


  1. I’m taking part too, and we move house the first week of July so I don’t know what I was thinking! 😂 I’m starting on a new first draft, I’ve set my target at 35k but I doubt I’ll manage that!


    • Good luck! You’re a braver person than I… That kind of wordcount goal sounds terrifying! If you’re ever on twitter and fancy a writing sprint… 🙂


  2. Excitement and fear, I rather think they go hand in hand with writing! What is your W.I.P about? I look forward to checking out the link in your post because I haven’t done much in the ways of plotting myself. 0.o Good luck this July!

    I’m aiming for 30k this camp, (and a side goal of 2 hours a day). I’m not sure whether I’ll join a cabin because I feel I may just get distracted. I won’t deny it wouldn’t be fun to chat to fellow writers though! I may join in on writing sprints. I’ll certainly be doing them myself in general.


    • Yeah, I’m not sure about a cabin but definitely will need fellow writer company when the going gets tough!
      I’m writing a fantasy-dystopia YA novel! What are you writing? Good luck with your wordcount goal! I’ll be sprinting on twitter if you wanted to sprint together!

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      • Oooh good luck, fantasy-dystopia is great. I’ll have to start using my twitter just so I can join in on the sprints.

        I’m writing romance in a zombie, sort of apocalypse setting, not really plotted anything, on paper at least, (I have to at least come up with some names!)


      • Oh fab! What’s your handle and we can follow?

        Romance plus zombie?! Sounds very cool! Sounds like you’re more a pantser than a plotter too… You’re a braver one than I! I have to have a plot…

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      • I wish I was more of a plotter, but I quickly tire of plotting and end up throwing myself into writing.

        My handle is @QueenTrope! Let me know yours!


      • Fab! I’m @writinghideout . Hope Camp NaNoWriMo is being kind to you this year! How are you doing?


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