Writing Diaries: Hiatus, Much?

It’s been a weird few months, and I didn’t think when I uploaded my blog post back in November that I then wouldn’t be blogging again for two months. NaNoWriMo happened, and it went pretty well. I started December with the best of intentions… And then the NaNo fatigue got me.  I was so exhausted that even though I was really enjoying my story, I just had to stop. Then I got ill at the end of December, Christmas happened… And here we are in January, with me looking in bafflement at my word count, wondering what on earth happened to all my noveling goals I set myself at the heady start of November.

So, in short, sorry for my absence! And as with all things, the more you put it off the more you worry about getting back in to it. But I was driving home the other day and listening to some of my favourite music and realised how much I’ve missed these characters. Both from my current WIP and my other WIP that I finished a first draft of back last summer.

I’ve made a New Years goal of reading more, so I’ll try and post my reading round ups here too, as I don’t know how regularly I’ll be updating you on the writing front. I’ve also been working really hard on a new project, so find out more on my Twitter where I’ll be launching that on Feb 1st!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful writing few months. I’d love to hear how your projects have gone in my absence, and where to find me if the writing demons need company…

Happy writing!

Katherine x

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